Is Santa Claus real or not?


When you were a child you have believed in Santa Claus, isn’t it? It was obvious that somewhere on the North Pole there is a place where Santa Claus lives with Elves, and all year round they make toys for Christmas. It was as obvious as the fact, that your toys come alive during the night, and as obvious as Puss in Boots was real. In my house my dad made this belief was stronger, by leaving the plate of hot soup in front of Christmas Tree for Santa (well, he’s very tired and hungry after all night traveling from house to house). The next morning I have discovered presents and empty plate – the proof, that Santa was there.

Biuro Świętego Mikołaja / Santa Claus Office
Biuro Świętego Mikołaja / Santa Claus Office

First doubts came when I was 5. That winter, during the Christmas party in my kindergarten, my dad was dressed up and pretended Santa. Why was he pretending Santa? Over the years I became more suspicion until the day when I was 100% sure, that presents are bought and delivered under the Christmas tree by parents, not Santa. So what? It doesn’t change the fact that Santa Claus is real.

This old man in red suit, with long white beard is living in Rovaniemi, Finland. His companions are little Elves and reindeers. First time I sent a letter to Santa when I was 8. I wrote two letters and I have received answer for each one – it doesn’t matter that both answers looked identical, the most important thing was that both of letters were delivered from Santa Village.

I have to travelled to Santa Village many years later, as an adult person. It wasn’t planned, but during our road trip through Scandinavia we have decided to check what’s going on at Santa Claus Village. Our road trip took place in August and I think it was a reason we didn’t feel any festive atmosphere. There wasn’t any snow or blinking Christmas lights. There wasn’t many people in the village. What we have discovered: lot of shops and restaurants. Two main places everyone have to visit are Santa Claus Office and Post Office. At the Post Office we have discovered that every year Santa Claus receives few million letter (including two letters from me, long long time ago 🙂 ) and children from Poland were in top 3 countries, that wrote the largest number of letter in 2009.

Wspólne zdjęcie ze Świętym Mikołajem
Wspólne zdjęcie ze Świętym Mikołajem

If we were in Santa Claus Village we had to visit the most important person in town. Before we have entered Santa Claus Office we were welcomed by two Elves, who led us to the dark and mysterious corridor. We were surrounded by the sound like from horror movies. It was a little bit funny for us, because we didn’t feel as it was attractive. But at the end of corridor was… Well, at the end of corridor was another Elf and he led us to Santa. I came to his office as the first one and I froze from shock when I saw him – the real Santa, with long white beard, with red hat and smile on his face. Heart trembled me as then when I was a child, joy and surprise (although I know who will be sitting there) was so great that even today I feel these emotions. For a moment I felt like I was 4, when unpacking presents delivered by Santa Claus, as I believed then. I wasn’t ready for that emotions then, even when I was close 30.

We chat a moment with Santa Claus and took a photo, for which we paid tens of euro and it was worth it at that moment. Today it is a lovely reminder of our meeting with Santa Claus. It is also a proof that Santa Claus is real and I show it to every child that is starting to lose his faith.

Santa Claus Village
96930 Rovaniemi

GPS: +66° 32′ 37.11″, +25° 50′ 51.44


Koło podbiegunowe / Arctic circle
Koło podbiegunowe / Arctic circle


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