If you wan to try kanafeh (kunafah) it has to be the one from Habibah – you can read in tourist books. This opinion is confirmed by the long queue of Amman citizens, waiting for their order. Why do they stay in the queue if in the neighbouring pastry shop you can also buy kanafeh? It has to be the answer. So, we decided to try this magic dessert – what is it, how does it taste like and if it’s really so good?

We are lucky, ‘cause there are two Habibah’s pastry shops near our hotel – one on the left, another one on the right side from hotel. And in both there’s a huge line to the counter. We chose the one with small wooden sign, with door hidden at the back of the building. However, it would be hard to miss it – the line of people stretches to the main street of Downtown. People are coming from other city districts to buy kanafeh here. They park their cars at the street blocking the traffic and eat kanafeh at the corner, sitting on the pavement or inside their cars. They eat it served on the plastic plate. „It has to be delicious” – I thought, when I saw what disorder/chaos can be provided by the „cake”.

Kanafeh is a type of pastry. It doesn’t look tasty. The most popular type of kanafeh is prepared on the very big pan and cut into squares – it breaks down when is served so the presentation is not appealing. It is prepared of two layers of thin pastry and soft white cheese in the middle, then soaked in sugar-based thick syrup and sprinkled on the top with crushed pistachios. It is sweet as hell.

We have a different opinion about kanafeh. I really enjoy the taste – it’s very sweet and it’s enough for me after few bites, but generally it’s nice dessert. Maybe it is because I have a sweet teeth. Jacek has opposite opinion and he doesn’t want to finish his portion after first bite. The next day I’m back in Habibah and order another portion, Jacek decided to eat more commonly known sweet – baklava.

Faisal Street, Amman, Jordania



  • Sweetenes
  • Place atmosphere
  • Eating comfort
  • Availability
  • Waiting comfort

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