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Imagine: you have spent all day in full sun exploring Petra, from early morning to very late afternoon. How would you like to spend the rest of your day? Relaxing on the bed in a hotel? Drinking sweet arabic tea and smoking a pipe in local bar? And what would you say for one more activity for the evening – taking part in cooking class of Arabic and Nabateans dishes? We did it and it was fantastic, because beside new skills that we have learnt, we’ve met great people and ate delicious dinner.

Ali, who’s a manager of Petra Kitchen, says that his goal is to present culture of Jordan through the local cuisine. Petra Kitchen is not a typical restaurant where you can book a table and order a meal. Well, I’m sure you can eat a very nice meal there, but first, you have to prepare it by yourself 🙂

Petra kitchen
Petra kitchen

From the first minute in Petra Kitchen we can feel very friendly atmosphere between the staff and the guests. Before we start our lesson, we have a time to know one another, to chat and drink a glass of tea. Then we hear a bell– this is Ali, who announces beginning of our cooking lesson. Just like at school.

Ali presents us the schedule of our cooking lesson and menu, explaining what ingredients are used for each dish and gives us a taste of some ingredients. After long but very interesting and funny lecture, it’s a high time to start cooking with Tariq, who’s a chef in Petra Kitchen. We take places around the table and start to cut vegetables, crush, mix, fry and bake, to prepare our dinner that consists of: Shourbat Adas (lentil soup), Baba Ganuj, Salatat Khodra bil Tahina (tahini salad), Fatoush, Galayat Bandura, Musakhan.


After two hours of cooking it comes the most pleasant and awaited moment – dinner time. Well, it is a very pleasant moment and a paradise for our taste buds, which can feel diverse and expressive flavors of our dishes – juicy salads, fresh and lemon taste lentil soup, the most delicious in the world fried tomatoes with pini, and baked chicken with caramelized onion, covered with a thin shrak bread, sprinkled with mix of sumak and cinnamon. Our host, Ali, didn’t forget about the dessert – warbat is a type of sweet pastry filled with a creamy pudding. As all the dishes we prepared this evening are excellent, for me the most pleasant is something else – it is a common cooking with people from different parts of the globe, different culture and with different cooking experience. Petra Kitchen is one of my best travel experience ever.

The best greetings for people we attend our cooking lesson: Aya, Ramon, Caroline from Japan, Velaz and Sliha from India, Ali and Tariq from Petra Kitchen.

Petra Kitchen
PO Box 40-Petra, Jordan 71810
Tel.: (962) 3-215-5900, +962 798888388

Petra Kitchen is located at the main street leading to the Petra Visitors Center.


35 JOD/person
Ali is flexible person. Jacek didn’t want to cook, so there was no problem to participate in an evening watching us in action and then joined the dinner. Cost: 15 JOD.

We have received the recipe of all dishes, that we have cooked that evening.


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