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There’s one place, near to the centre of Gothenburg, where you have the feeling, that time stopped. Where, surrounded with old residential buildings, life goes slowly and everyone who goes there is nearly forced to slow down, sit on the bench or have fika. That’s Haga, one of the oldest Gothenburg’s district.

Göteborg, Haga Nygata
Göteborg, Haga Nygata

Today, Haga is located very close to the city centre. You can get there with bus or tram, as the large interchange, Järntorget, is located at the entrance to the district. If you choose walking, you can get there in less than 20 minutes from Brunnsparken (Nordstan shopping centre) or Avenyn. But in 17th century, where Haga was established, it was outside the city walls of Gothenburg. Location had a very important influence on the district history. In the end of 17th century, part of the district was demolished in order to build caponier from the city walls to Skansen Kronan, to protect city in case of Danish invasion.

Most of the houses that we see today in Haga were built in 1870-1940. Large part of them were founded on the needs of workers, who numerously came to Gothenburg with the expansion of industry in the city.

Zakupy na Hadze / Shopping in Haga
Zakupy na Hadze / Shopping in Haga

Today, those lovely residential buildings, with brick or stone on ground floor and two wooden storeys, are home for coffee shops, antique and vintage stores, shops with interior design, hand made products or natural cosmetics. Coffee shops, located along the main and pedestrian street (Haga Nygata) are favourite resting place for tourist as well as residents of the city, who come here with pleasure. In Haga, which is in the heart of Gothenburg, you can find calm as in the suburbian area.


There’s no visit in Haga without trying the local baking – the largest cinamon bun in the world. The Hagabullen is almost as large as pizza. It’s recommended to order one cinamon bun for two persons – it’s fresh and delicious, but to big to cope with it alone. The most popular cinamon bun is served in Cafe Husaren (28 Haga Nygata).


There’s one more place worth visiting – Skansen Kronan. In the past it was a fortress built as part of defenses against possible Danish invasion. Cannons, placed in front of the fortress, resemble the history. From there is a nice view on the city and roofs of Haga.

Skansen Kronan
Skansen Kronan

Shopping in Haga – check the website.


The easiest way to get to Haga is by tram, that stops at Järntorget (nb 3, 6, 9, 11).


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