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In 2021 Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, will celebrate its 400th anniversary. Today, the city started to prepare to celebration by introducing anniversary plan and projects, that are going to be developed until the year 2021. This plan includes projects such as cable car connecting both riverbanks (charming Haga district and modern Lindholmen), revitalization of Frihamamnen or new bridges across the Göta älv. It’s not a new way of celebration in Gothenburg, as on its 300th anniversary the city introduced to the residents The Gothenburg Botanical Garden, Götaplatsen as well as the amusement park Liseberg. All of those places you can visit today.

Kanonen roller coaster, Liseberg
Kanonen roller coaster, Liseberg

Liseberg was opened in May 1923 as the attraction of Gothenburg Exhibition (Jubileumsutställningen i Göteborg) organized on 300th anniversary of the city. The park was originally intended as a temporary attraction, but the residents loved it so much (800 000 visitors during a first month) that it has stayed till now. Today, Liseberg is the most popular amusement park in Scandinavia and everyone who visit it can find out why.

Liseberg offers 40 attractions for people each age. You can find there roller coasters, water slides, launchers, plane adventure or carousel for small children. Every few years park launches new attraction, what makes it even more interesting. You can also find there concert hall and during the summer season, you can participate in large selection of open-air concerts. The design and park organization offer you the whole day attractions as well as resting places, green garden, restaurants, bars and cafes, souvenirs shops as well as hotel on the site.


I was 14 when first time visited Liseberg. Through the next 20 years I have visited the park several times – mainly during the summer season, but I also had a chance to celebrate there a Christmas season, with a cup of hot mulled wine (Swedish glögg). Every time I visit Liseberg I discover new attractions. I also remember those that were there 20 years ago and they’re gone now, replaced by the modern one.
Yes, it’s true it was a real fun to go there when I was 14. But it is even bigger fun now, when I’m adult. Why? Because attractions are more awesome! 8 years ago, when I invited Jacek to Liseberg he was sceptic (“Amusement park? It’s a place for children”). But today he enjoys the time in Liseberg, as much as I do.


Liseberg – amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden.



8th May 1923 – opening date
Appr. 3 mln people visit Liseberg every year
1980 – Liseberg’s logo was introduced (refreshed in 2013)
1983 – on 60th anniversary of the park, the mascot (green rabbit) was introduced


Maskotka Liseberga / Liseberg's mascot
Maskotka Liseberga / Liseberg’s mascot

Green rabbit is a symbol and mascot of Liseberg since 1983, when it was introduced. The image of green rabbit you can meet in each corner of the park – on the tickets, on the flags at the entrance to the park, on the drink cups. I remember the time, when the rabbit was on the street light at a pedestrian crossing in front of the park entrance. Inside the park you can meet “alive mascot” and lot of attractions for children with the main theme of green rabbit. And the green rabbit ears are the most popular souvenir.


100 SEK – entrance ticket

You need to buy an additional ticket for the rides. You can choose from the vouchers booklet or single vouchers (each attraction require from 1 to 4 vouchers). But the main profitable option is all day ticket (All-in-one) with no limitation of rides for the whole day.

HERE you can find current ticket prices.


Every time you want to ride on attraction you will find dedicated place to leave your personal belongings. In some places you will find baskets, in other – shelfs. Only you, other ride participants and park staff will have access to the baskets/shelfs. I always leave my personal belongings there (including wallet or photo camera) and I can assure it’s safe.


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