Welcome to Jordan – how to organize a trip to Jordan


“Welcome to Jordan” – we’ve heard everyday during our stay in Jordan. Because this is tourist friendly country, like no-other in the world.

Based on our experience, we have prepared practical guide, that will help you to organize your own trip to Jordan. In post you’ll find information including visas requirements (for Poles), Jordan Pass, transportation, accommodation and prices. In the end of our post you’ll find cost summary of our trip, what (we hope) will help you to imagine how much your trip to Jordan could cost. The fact is that Jordan is not the cheapest travel destination, but we believe it’s worth to visit.

#1 How to get to Jordan
We’ve chosen flight from Warsaw to Amman (with a few hours break in Stambul), that was operated by Turkish Airlines. Our flight to Amman took place in the end of April, and flight back 10 days later (in May). We bought our tickets in February and the price for two tickets was 3439 PLN (appr. 790 €)
We heard it’s cheaper to flight to Tel Aviv and then, with a car, to Jordan. It would take more time, that’s why we didn’t take this option into consideration.

#2 Entry Visa
Poles can get entry visa on arrival – at the airport or ground border crossing (exept one – at King Hussein Bridge). Visa costs 40 JOD – you can pay with cash or credit card (there’s a currency exchange office in the airport so you can exchange dollars into dinars).
Officer doesn’t ask a lot of question, but you have to be prepare to spend at least one hour waiting for your turn (it took one hour when we arrive, it was midnight). It’s quite a big mess and no organization, nobody is in hurry.

#3 Jordan Pass
We have mentioned about Jordan Pass in our previous posts, when we’ve been writing about tickets prices. It’s high time to explain what is that Jordan Pass. Well, it’s a tourist card and it works similar to tourist cards we know from European countries. Card purchase is very easy and allows you to save money.

Good news is that entry visa is included in Jordan Pass – however, you’ll need to spend a time in queue on the airport to get a stamp into your passport.

You can buy your Jordan Pass online, receive by email and print or download to your smartphone. It’s valid for use within 12 months following date of purchase, but it will automatically expire after 2 weeks of the first time it is scanned in the first touristic attraction. Jordan Pass is personal so you have to declare the user’s name when you purchase your card.

Jordan Pass comes in 3 categories and the price depends on the time you plan to spend in Petra – 70 JOD if you choose 1 day in Petra, 75 JOD if you choose 2 days in Petra and 80 JOD if you choose 3 days in Petra. Jordan Pass includes also entry visa to Jordan and tickets to close to 40 tourist attractions and museums. Even if you don’t visit all place it’s worth to buy Jordan Pass, ‘cause it will save your money. The list of attractions included in Jordan Pass – HERE.

How to use Jordan Pass? Just show it on the border crossing or in ticket office of listed attractions. That’s it. So simple.

Świątynia Herkulesa / Hercules Temple
Świątynia Herkulesa / Hercules Temple

#4 Accommodation
We have booked hotels via booking.com in Poland. You can read our reviews and recommendations on TripAdvisor.com and on the blog (in our posts you’ll find information about places we’ve stayed).

Nasz namiot w obozie w Wadi Rum / Beduin camp in Wadi Rum
Nasz namiot w obozie w Wadi Rum / Beduin camp in Wadi Rum

#5 Transportation
We have hired a driver. Definitely it was much more expensive than public transport, but gave us a flexibility and comfort. Today, when we know how the traffic in Jordan looks like, we would probably rent a car. Our flexibility would rise. Traffic in Amman, the capital city, is quite easy as for Arabic city.

Our drivers were reliable and trustworthy people. We’ve been picked up from the airport, what we’ve arrange by email. Even if our driver have other plans he organized replacement, so we have never been left alone.

There was just one situation when we decided to choose public transport – it was a minibus from Wadi Musa to Wadi Rum. Price: 7 JOD/person

Our drivers:
Naim – tel. +962 77 720 20 61, naim_ahmad79@hotmail.com
Wael – tel. +962 77 782 56 53, +962 6664834, waelsalihtours@yahoo.com, waeltours.com

Amman airport – hotel: 25 JOD
Amman – Jerash – Amman: 40 JOD
Amman – Kerak – Shobak – Wadi Musa: 80 JOD
Wadi Rum – Wadi Mujib: 65 JOD
Wadi Mujib – Mount Nebo – Madaba – Amman: 65 JOD

Monika and Wael, our driver
Monika and Wael, our driver

#6 Money
Jordanian dinar is currency you will need during your trip. There’s a currency exchange office in the airport, but there’s also large selection of ATM’s in the cities. Be aware that you’ll need to have cash to pay for more services. And there are places where you won’t find any ATM (ex. Wadi Mujib or desert), that’s why you need to think about cash just like about water – always have more as reserve. We have checked our planned expenditures in few days advance and based on that we made cash withdrawals.

#7 Daily shopping
You won’t find prices in the stores and that was a little bit stressful at the beginning. It doesn’t mean there’s no any prices and you always have to ask at the cashdesk, but we have to be taught where to find it. The prices are stamped directly on the product, just like the expire date (example below).

Strzałka wskazuje cenę / Price shown with arrow
Strzałka wskazuje cenę / Price shown with arrow

There’s a large selection of small grocery shops and kiosks opened from early morning to late night. We recommend to shop in bakery, where you can buy local bread and some sweets and pastries.
You won’t find any shop in Wadi Mujib, so plan your shopping before you get there. There’s no grocery store on Wadi Rum desert, but there’s one in Visitor’s Centre.

#8 Internet
Internet was a problem, but on the other hand it was a relief because we could focus on visiting places than surfing on Internet.
Data transfer at our phone operators was very expensive, so we didn’t use it. We have tried to use public WIFI. In most of hotels we had to go down to the reception area to use Internet. Data transfer was weak, so we couldn’t upload our files and multimedia to Poland.

#9 Electricity
In Jordan, electricity voltage is 220V at 50Hz. European type sockets, which is exactly like in Poland.

#10 How much holiday in Jordan costs, all about prices

Air tickets: 3 439 PLN/2 os.
Jordan Pass (2 days in Petra included): 75 JOD/os

Amman – 2 nights in Zaman Ya Zaman Butique Hotel: 78 JOD
Amman – 1 night in Art Hotel Downtown: 41 JOD
Wadi Musa – 3 nights in Sharah Mountains Hotel: 90 JOD
Wadi Rum – 1 night in Rumshines Camp (Salem Camp): 54 JOD
Wadi Mujib – 2 nights in Mujib Chalets: 150,800 JOD (the most expensive place we’ve stayed in Jordan, but the location is incredible)
The total price for accomodation: 413,800 JOD

Amman airport – hotel, private driver: 25 JOD
Amman – Jerash – Amman, private driver: 40 JOD
Amman – Kerak – Shobak – Wadi Musa, private driver: 80 JOD
Wadi Rum – Wadi Mujib, private driver: 65 JOD
Wadi Mujib – Mount Nebo – Madaba – Amman, private driver: 65 JOD
Amman hotel – airport, hotel driver: 20 JOD
Wadi Musa – Wadi Rum, minibus: 14 JOD (7 JOD/os)
The total price for transportation: 314 JOD

3-hours jeep tour in Wadi Rum: 55 JOD
Petra kitchen: 50 JOD (cooking classes and diner for 1 person – 35 JOD, diner for 1 person – 15 JOD)
Petra, diner under the stars: 20 JOD + 5 JOD transport to Wadi Musa
Canyoning in Wadi Mujib: appr. 21 JOD/os with tax (17,5 JOD net/os)
Ticket to St. George’s Church in Madaba: 1 JOD/os


  • Petra
  • Amman Citadel
  • Roman Theatre in Ammanie
  • King Abdullah Mosque – Ammanie
  • New Hashemite Square – Ammanie
  • Jerash Archeological Site
  • Crusaders castles: Karak, Shobak
  • Wadi Rum desert
  • Wadi Mujib
  • Dead Sea
  • Mosaics in St. George’s Church – Madaba
  • Jordan River Foundation workshop – Madaba


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